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Monitoring and Controlling Noise from a Public House

monitoring and controlling the noise from a pub or public house

With more and more pubs seeing the benefit of live music as well as recorded or jukebox music, complaints from local residents can threaten their license.

Not all public houses have the benefit of being located in the country, away from residents who will become intolerant of the noise from music. Noise is particularly annoying when it is the result of somebody else's fun.

The Bluebox can be used by the landlord to independently monitor the noise levels and give a warning if they get too high. As well as helping to keep the pub's license, it can be useful to have an "independent witness", the Bluebox, rather than the landlord having to be the killjoy.

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Setting the Level

The level can be adjusted by opening the front cover (using a key) to access the control. Accurate equipment can be used to set the level but it is often much more useful to select the level by ear, with the agreement of the local residents or the whoever is responsible for law enforcement or environmental health.


music noise monitor and controller



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